Reminisce ogs


(other Aliases include Remi, Remishanks, Smally Bigs and sound undertaker)

Reminisce OGs is a London born rapper now located in south east of the UK Canterbury known for his explosive flows and content that jabs hard at the cold facts of your objective reality and knockout punchlines that induce humour and imaginary that build a story like no other.

His influences range from different genres but notably hip hop and Big beat electronica due to growing up in the 90s some artist to mention Eminem, Bigy, Pharomonch, Beastie boys, Rage against the machine, Cypress hill, Prodigy and many more.

The origins of this lyricist start back in early 2000s when he meet his co founding members of the rap group The Kojak Brothers, humble Pious and J Souls in the isle of thanet as well as Doctor Cerberus a mentor and longtime friend Releasing serval ep’s and mixtapes(a fork and other cutlery, CCDC EPhone home and independent track releases along the way.

They later featured and collaborated with the Rapskallions, Joey Prolapse, VKay, Taztron delix, Mr Loop and PG tips on multiple projects forming “the Brewdem” kent's finest umbrella of heavyweight rappers and producers as well as featuring on tracks with artist such as Wordsmiff.

Most recently working with LabRat Records international artists such as Aura, Media and Nayles.

Reminisce OGs has performed alongside Klash, Jehst, locksmith, Zensay, High focus and Lewis Parker. His live performance are full of energy and an unapologetic presents with innovative flows and presentation to a style unheard, this is where contemporary poetry meets modern theory provocative to its core but with a resonance of tough love through out.

Although Reminisce OGs has collaborated with an extensive list of Kents finest rappers he has yet to release his own solo release which the rapper has confirmed he is currently working on and will be with us in the near future.

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