The Origin

by Au.Ra

This live improvised sample based hip-hop album infuses soul, psychedelic jazz and blues over live instrumentation with appearances from a wide range of musicians and other artists on the label. 


Tales of the omus one ep


First released in May 2013, Written by Omus One and produced by Au.Ra this ep has a classic Hip Hop sound with wavey dark elements for lyricists and producers alike. This was the first project at the Lab for Omus with some enjoyable studio sessions and gigs around the country. Look out for the various videos on you Tube for these tracks, listen or buy this ep from also available on iTunes and other top stores. 




by Media

Front Page News is Media's first album release on Lab Rat Records in September 2013. This Hip Hop / Rap release includes tracks from as early as 2006 mainly produced and entirely written by Media himself, with a few featured tracks by fellow producer Au.Ra and a handful of session musicians. This has set the benchmark for his newer releases as it soon becomes a classic album in its own right, reaching over 17,000 downloads in the first couple of years this release will continue to impress all listeners in a timeless manner.

listen or download this release from or iTunes. Currently hard copies are sold out. 

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Dansk ep

by Bodhi-Glitch 

First released in 2014 after Bodhi-Glitch joined the Lab after releasing with Audiokult and wizards sleeve. This release was all his own material after putting out various remixes that made him big in the electronic scene, this is sound scape at its best with new collaborations out this year on the label he's a pure mad scientist in the lab. This is available from or ITunes and other online retailers. 


Brain Cell ep

By Media

Released in December 2014 the follow up from 'Front Page News' continuing from Media's first release this still contains many meaningful political views.


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The Mist Cutter 

by Jasper Zest 

DJ / producer Jasper Zest released this free single download in 2016, Home studio beats with real life meaning, big editing sessions in the Lab made this double single release something for the underground. Only available on Bandcamp for free download you have no excuse not to hit it up. Otherwise look for his dj nights supporting the biggest names in the game. 

zombie Nostrils ep.jpg

Zombie Nostrils

As someone who grew up with “small town syndrome” hearing a rapper as capable as Omus One is particularly satisfying. “Zombie Nostrils” is quite a dark release, and deals with the more sombre aspects of living in an area with very little Hip Hop background. Tracks such as “AVAWORD” and “Plimsol House” stand out from the others, mainly as Omus shows his ability to direct a tracks direction without being overly reliant on the production. Throughout the EP, the beats – produced by Critical Troubadour – are nice and simple, with engaging samples, which don’t clog up the tracks.

Review by Wordplay Magazine

Sampler 2

Includes some of Lab Rat's Free tracks to download from the best picks of 2016.

nayles state of the art .jpg

state of the art


Amazing album produced from Lab Rat's brothers across the big pond. Mastered in the Lab studio, with features from near and far with artists such as Master Ace, Northface, Show Doctor, Joe Buck, Humble Pious, Reminisce and many more... 

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available from many online outlets with hard copies on CD. 


Deux Amis - Sac Magique

by Deux Amis

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Sac Magique pt2

by Deux Amis

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