About bodhi-glitch


Born and raised in Canterbury, Kent, ‘Bodhi Glitch’, a.k.a Max Rushton, has emerged as a promising young talent within the electronic music scene. Fusing a combination of electronic styles, he creates a blend of sounds that echoes the off-kilter wonk of the American west-coast hip-hop scene, whilst maintaining a melodic and intricately layered, almost soundscape-esque theme, that seems to reflect his musical upbringing, with faint elements of psychedelic prog rock, soul and early hip-hop moving seamlessly in and out of clarity.

Over the past few years, his unique approach to electronic music production and performance has attracted the attention of various collectives, labels and publications alike. He has worked with the Guildford based producer collective ‘WizardSleeve Collective’, as well as engaging in live performances for publications such as ‘VICE magazine’ and ‘Fan The fire records’. Asides from these affiliations, Bodhi Glitch is currently signed to the Austrian based electronic label, ‘Audio-Kult Records’ under which he has so far had three releases, and also maintains a resident position within the more locally based Canterbury label, ‘Lab-Rat records’. In a few words, for all fans of everything electronic, this young man is one to watch out for in the near future. He's latest release is Dansk Ep only available on Lab Rat.



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